Swiss Medical Federation Neurology Specialist
Electroneuromyography and Botulinic Toxin therapy
Cerebrovascular Disorders and Neurosonology


Degree in Medicine from Geneva University in 2003.

Postgraduate training in Neurology at the Geneva University Hospitals, achieving the rank of FMH specialist in 2010.

Obtained supplementary training certification in Cerebrovascular Disorders and Neurosonology (carotid-vertebral and trans-cranial Echo-Doppler) in 2010.

Obtained certification of supplementary training in electro-neuromyography (ENMG) in 2011.

Former Clinical Lead at the Geneva University Hospitals, Stroke Unit, joint head of the Neurosonology Unit, with supervision of the Neurology Polyclinic.

Specialist interests

Specialist treatment and monitoring of peripheral neurological neuromuscular disorders, performing an ENMG if necessary, for example.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, fibular neck problems, facial paralysis

  • Lumbago, cervico-brachialgia

  • Polyneuropathy, polyradiculopathy (Guillain-Barré syndrome, CIDP)

  • Disorders of the neuromuscular junction

  • Myopathy 

Rapid-response and specialized treatment following a stroke, and monitoring of various cerebro-vascular disorders, performing Echo-Doppler carotid-vertebral and trans-cranial procedures:

  • Assessment and quantification of the risk of embolisation of carotid or vertebral stenosis, other stenosis and assessment of intracranial collateralisation

  • Automated calculation of IMT (intima-media-thickness), a reflection of the risk of developing an atheromatosis and underlying cardiovascular risk factors 

  • Detection of Permeable Oval Foramen

  • Detection of intracranial embolisms

  • Dissections

  • Vertebro-basilar insufficiency 

  • Assessment of the temporal arteries (Horton’s arteritis)

Inflammation of the central nervous system and especially multiple sclerosis

General neurology, including treatment for all types of headaches (migraines, tension headaches, etc.)


Société Suisse de Neurologie (SSN)

Société Suisse de Neurophysiologie Clinique (SSNC)

American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

European Stroke Organization (ESO)

Fédération des Médecins Suisses (FMH)

Association des Médecins de Genève (AMG)

Groupe des Neurologues Genevois


Author of some twenty publications and papers delivered to international conferences

Languages spoken